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Kayaking: An Islands Rewards Benefit

Buck Key Mangrove Kayak Tour

Kayak Roosevelt Channel to Buck Key, just across the channel. Watch for manatee, dolphin, herons, egrets, anhinga, cormorants, ospreys and more. This guided tour through mangrove keys is a favorite for nature lovers of all ages. Located ‘Tween Waters Captiva bayside.

Bioluminescence Tour by Moonlight

See Captiva in a while new light — moonlight! Paddle the calm waters as the full moon lights up the sky (and your journey) in this unique opportunity for adventure. Embrace the sounds, sights and ambiance of a different brand of nightlife. Located ‘Tween Waters Captiva bayside.

Captiva Island Kayak Tour

For true island water adventure, consider this robust 3-4 hour leisurely island tour. Water conditions permitting, explorers can kayak both the Gulf of Mexico and Pine Island Sound. Paddle, rest, swim, shell or enjoy a picnic (not provided). It’s the best of everything, kayak style. Located ‘Tween Waters Captiva bayside.

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