Project Description


Private Excursion with Marine Biologist

Want to learn all the fascinating facts of Captiva’s grass flats, mangrove habitats, and sprawling natural beaches? Let Marine Biologist Stefanie Plein walk you and your family through an unforgettable, 4-hour adventure that provides everyone with a greater appreciation of our delicate ecosystem.

Half Day Eco Charter (4 Hours)

From snorkeling shallow grass flats to shelling miles of natural, unspoiled beaches, experience what nature lovers call the highlight of their vacation. An immersive, hands-on learning experience for all ages, you’ll explore the beaches and bay of our islands on an unforgettable natural adventure. If you desire, you can hire Marine Biologist Stephanie Plein to assist.

Full Day Eco Charter (6 Hours)

A full day experience that presents all of the natural “must-see’s” of our marine habitat. Explore hard to reach beaches and coves, learn to paddleboard, grab lunch, drinks, or ice cream at island outpost restaurants only accessed by boat. It’s truly the best of what our islands have to offer and enjoy.

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